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Upgrading PepsiCo’s field selling platform is no small task. In order to succeed, the mechanical keyboard, stylus and traditional interfaces of yesterday had to give way to simple, sleek, touch experiences on the iPad. Time and money were at stake - with a field sales team as large as PepsiCo’s, adoption of the new system, on-boarding, and training had to be easy and efficient. Fusion helped PepsiCo develop a brand, user interface style, and training package that embodies the innovation of the new tool and inspires their sales teams.


Fusion branded the app smartr, which literally represents “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound… and Real-time data” - the core elements of the platform itself. In addition to a fun, approachable logo, a full visual identity was built including custom icons and branded user interface elements. To support the sales team, coordinating printed and interactive training manuals were designed to get the field teams up to speed as quickly as possible.

  Our Approach

When it comes to Enterprise Apps, function is one thing, but form plus function is quite another. Working closely with PepsiCo and their developers, Fusion designed the smartr experience with the users in mind. Customer branding and unique user interface elements were new but familiar; this enhanced both the aesthetics and the utility of this critical sales tool, helping to engage users and speed adoption.

smartr logo-loop_v3

Crafting a Meaningful Logo

The elements of the smartr logo reflect the hard work, innovation, and clockwork execution at the heart of PepsiCo’s brand. It’s not just the bright ideas — it's the work behind those ideas that gear employees and customers up for success.

smartr posters-2

  The Results

The national rollout of the smartr platform was a complete success. 100% adoption was achieved on schedule while both sales and marketshare increased. Smartr is currently in use and the field continues to leverage and love this modern sales platform.

Fusion is a valued partner - they understand our business needs and consistently exceed our expectations. As we build the tools to support our sales transformation, Fusion helps us keep our employees and customers top-of-mind every step of the way.

  Focus Areas

Designing an interface for a new sales platform is an exciting project on its own. Developing the branding and training for the platform at the same time was a new challenge. Keeping the user in mind through the process, leveraging our knowledge of the PepsiCo business and coordinating closely with both the stakeholder and I/T teams were key to delivering this solution on time.

Graphic Design – Marketing Collateral, Sales Collateral
Digital Platforms – Responsive Web, Video, Mobile User Experience, eCommerce, Social Campaigns
Design Strategy – Content Marketing, Go-To-Market Positioning, Style / Brand Guidelines, Product Design, Customer Experience

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