Build Your Brand

Well-designed digital experiences are critical to the strength of your business, building credibility, loyalty and brand preference with your customers. Fusion’s experience ranges from new startups to leading enterprise businesses. Our expertise can help your company, product or brand stand out in the marketplace.

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Master Your Marketing

Social media business pages, customer feedback, email campaigns and targeted social ads are the most effective ways to bring your message to market. Fusion will help connect you to your customers wherever they are, regardless of the platform.

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Get Noticed

Leaving your search ranking to chance is never a good idea. Fusion will work to get your business ranked as high as possible on all the popular search engines without spending any extra money. Monthly support ensures your results will continue to work for you with every search.

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Win the Web

Successful campaigns are specific. They link ads to relevant content on the web; educating your audience and removing barriers to purchase. Fusion will build a responsive website, or update your existing one, so that it features campaign-relevant content and functionality, while looking and working great on computers and mobile devices.

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Fusion’s approach to digital marketing combines world-class design, brand acumen and market insights to deliver measurable results and help you grow your business.

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  Make the Most of Every Channel

Reaching the right audience at the right time makes the most of every channel and every dollar.

Fusion integrates organic, search and social when building a campaign. We connect your message to the optimal audience, optimizing your budget and maximizing your results.

• Content & SEO Strategy 
• Pay Per Click Ads
• Social Media Marketing
• eMail Marketing

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  Plan, Measure, Optimize & Repeat

Do more of what’s working. Getting results means careful planning, flawless execution, and consistent analysis of the KPIs. 

Planning and execution are critically important, but if a message is not resonating with your audience, or a campaign isn’t performing as expected, Fusion will re-think, modify and update it until it works.

• Reporting & Analytics
• B2B and B2C Strategies
• KPI Evaluation

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  Mobile Connects Everything

Effective digital marketing creates connected experiences for your leads and customers no matter where they are.

Today, people are constantly connected to the world through their personal mobile device — this means your marketing can provide patients with location-relevant, personalized information that can generate interest and drive them to your practice. Online experiences designed for mobile help you reach your customers anywhere.

• Branding & Targeted Creative 
• Customer Experience Analysis
• Mobile Communication Strategy

The Key Elements

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Optimized Search (SEO)

Given today’s competitive — and often complicated — search engine landscape, ensuring you’re found online requires a lot more than simple keyword optimization. Fusion can help you build a strategy that works across your entire online footprint. From search engines, to maps, to all the major business listings, we’ll create a complete approach that includes your brand, social media presence and site content, so customers will find you no matter where they look.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Search engines reward relevant, intelligently targeted pay-per-click campaigns by charging less for ad clicks. In other words, when it comes to PPC advertising, every click and every dollar counts. Selecting the right keywords, organizing them into well-organized campaigns and building custom landing pages for those ads is important. Carefully monitoring ad performance, including engagement and your targeted demographic are the keys to increasing conversions and maximizing return on investment. 

Social Media

Your customers use social media to search for local services and promotions, and then share the experiences they like and trust with their friends and family. Fusion will help you promote your business and special offers while keeping your positive reviews and feedback up-to-date. We will carefully craft, execute and manage your social ad campaigns to help you build name recognition, get more referrals and build your business without the need for additional staff or adding extra time to your busy schedule.

Email Marketing

A strong email campaign can change leads into customers. Keep your audience engaged with the right messaging, and gorgeous creative for desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. Segmented campaigns and highly focused targeting consistently maximize results. We’ll connect your identity to your website and online marketing in meaningful ways to ensure your business looks its best and your brand is always working as hard as it can for you.

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The Fusion Difference

Fusion Focuses on Growing Your Business

We understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to creating and executing your digital marketing strategy. Fusion will help you determine the best platforms for your needs and develop a comprehensive program to take your strategy and activate it across the digital landscape. Fusion’s digital marketing, design and content teams will help you develop solutions that are engaging, on-brand and grow your business.

Fusion Digital Marketing

Expand Your Brand, Increase Sales, Make Waves.

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SVG SwirlFusion Media, Inc. | © 2019

2050 Route 22 | Suite 105
Brewster, NY 10509
P 914-357-8821  |  F 845-279-4749