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Managing 100 racing Thoroughbreds, fractionally owned by over 300 partners around the world, is not your typical day at the races. Horse racing partnerships are complex; partners demand real-time news, stats and customer service any time, anywhere. Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners asked Fusion to help them raise the stakes for Partner experience.


Right out of the gate, Eclipse asked for marketing collateral support and had questions about a website refresh. After exploring their business together, everyone realized there was a lot more work that needed to be done given the nature and complexity of their industry. To truly transform their enterprise, we had to simplify the complexity and put their partners first. For them, it’s all about the horse (of course).

  Our Approach

Fusion created a five-phase roadmap consisting of Discovery, Definition, Design, Develop, and Deploy so we could learn everything that needed to be accomplished; align on the rules of the road, design an extraordinary experience, build it, and use it. Our guiding principle? Create an exceptional partner experience, making sure their horses were at the center of it all.

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  The Results

Today, Eclipse partners have a portal, their “Personal Stable”, where they can view their horses, collect their winnings (or pay their bills), and have every bit of public and private news about their specific athletes at their fingertips. The site is also a great place for fans and prospective partners, where they can learn all about the sport of kings and the top Thoroughbred horse partnership in the industry. For Eclipse’s management team, that digital transformation means streamlined workflows, simplified transactions and more time to focus on the horses. With that, everyone wins.

For us, the Partner experience is what sets us apart from the rest. When Partners have all of their ownership information, news and account billing at their fingertips it’s transformational - for them and for us. We’re only just scratching the surface of what Fusion can do as our agency. Their team is a great partner. We can’t wait to see how we build this business with them by our side.

  Focus Areas

Extensive interviews were conducted with stakeholders and partners to determine and prioritize wants and needs. Team meetings and industry research uncovered the essence of the capability we were building. Content marketing was central as well, the highly personalized work of communicating with partners and stakeholders was given structure, voice, and intent. Coordination between Design, Web, UX and Strategy teams was not only the key to success, it also made good old-fashioned horse sense (sorry).

Graphic Design – Marketing Collateral, Sales Collateral
Digital Platforms – Responsive Web, Video, Mobile User Experience, eCommerce, Social Campaigns
Design Strategy – Content Marketing, Go-To-Market Positioning, Style / Brand Guidelines, Product Design, Customer Experience

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