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When we introduced their new brand, Milo Credit had processed just over $100 million in loan requests, with a goal to reach $200 million by year’s end. Ten months later, Milo team members are well on their way to meeting that goal.


At the beginning of 2021, we unveiled Milo Credit’s Fresh New Look. This fintech startup offers innovative financial solutions for the global banking consumer. With Milo, foreign nationals now have access to an all-online application and closing process for financing US properties without the burdensome requirements of a traditional bank.

As Milo began to aggressively scale its business, they knew they needed a refreshed brand — one that could readily connect customers to their innovative offering and serve as a mascot for their mission. After a $6 Million round of seed funding, it was also imperative to demonstrate a tangible ROI to their investors.

Milo’s explosive success is due to the vision, innovation, and hard work of the Milo team. They saw and met enormous untapped demand with a product that is second-to-none. We also like to think the new brand acted as a catalyst for this success, and we’re proud to have had a hand helping Milo tell their story.

  Our Approach

This success story began with the process Fusion uses for every design project. There is a lot of myth making about the creative process, and rebranding always has particularly high stakes. Our customers often have questions about what to expect.

Fusion’s approach consists of six straightforward steps:

1. Align

First, we listen. We want to understand our clients’ goals, audience, and obstacles. Which problems need to get solved? What is the story they want to tell? Which actions do they want their audience to take? We ask all these questions and more, and then attempt to describe the scope of work in clear, easy-to-understand terms that everyone can feel good about.

We did the hard work with the Milo team to understand their customers, market opportunities, and short- and long-term goals.

2. Discover

We tailor each Discovery plan specifically to our clients’ objectives. We use quantitative and qualitative research, market intelligence, or our own knowledge and experience of the category, to give evidence-based recommendations.

Fusion took this opportunity to dig deeply into Milo’s platform and digital workflows. We wanted to know exactly what a customer could expect from the borrowing experience, and understand the role of the Milo brand in each step.

3. Brief

The Brief fuses Alignment and Discovery into an inspiring, insightful, and achievable creative direction. The brief is our shared roadmap to success.

Milo’s participation was key in the authoring of the first draft of our creative brief. From there, we aligned on a shared vision and expectations. Because of the complexity of Milo’s brand suite, we took care at the briefing stage to include and agree to an exhaustive list of deliverables that Milo would receive upon approval of the design concept.

4. Create

We craft the work to deliver on its objectives. It will be beautiful, unique, and persuasive, but that’s only the half of it. Great design also inspires.

We did three rounds of creative concepting for Milo, ultimately developing dozens of different concepts for iconography, typography, color, mood and context. Two final concepts were quickly selected and further developed before the “Deco” concept was ultimately chosen as the winner. 

5. Deliver

On brand, on time, and on spec, our execution is second to none.

We take great pride in our execution and ensured that Milo received every possible asset they would need throughout their product and marketing. A set of easy-to-implement brand guidelines were provided, so Milo wouldn’t have to rely on Fusion for every deliverable.

6. Reflect

We take time to reflect. This may consist of formal reviews, critiques, analytics, user testing, case studies, and more. Reflection accomplishes two important things: It protects our clients’ investment, and illuminates opportunities for continuous improvement.

We helped Milo craft their new brand announcement, which documented the creative process through sketches of the various concepts.

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While every design project is unique, we’ve come to rely on this simple process to deliver visual communication that meets and exceeds our clients’ objectives.

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While every design project is unique, we’ve come to rely on this simple process to deliver visual communication that meets and exceeds our clients’ objectives.


For founders like Josip, a brand can be an intensely personal part of their vision. Giving form and character to that vision is a duty we take seriously, and in Milo’s case, it was also a lot of fun. We’d like to think the new brand identity helped deliver Milo’s recent success. What do you think?

Fusion distilled elements of our company, values, and offering into an identity that reflects our mission — and just as important — our abiding passion for serving our customers. — Josip Rupena, CEO / Founder, Milo Credit

  Focus Areas

Milo has grown and innovated quickly over the past two years. Their customer relationships have evolved and deepened; Milo recognized that their brand needed to keep pace with those changes. Fusion’s skill with brand stewardship, underlying business acumen and design savvy were the foundation for the successful execution of this very special (and incredibly fun) project.

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