Our Work

With every project, we learn something new. Those lessons inform our design process and build our strategic acumen; improving the level of service we deliver. We aim to be the best design partner to our clients, and we’re proud to share some of those stories.

Does your enterprise harness the power of design?

From eCommerce to eLearning, solutions that are disconnected from your business are not really solutions at all.

Great design influences outcomes and moves the bottom line; it’s grounded in your day-to-day challenges and it understands the goals at hand. Well-designed solutions create positive effects throughout your organization, impacting your customers, partners, and employees. 

Digital Selling Platform - Food Service

Multiple channels, multiple markets, and a universe of potential customers. PepsiCo needed a better way for their salespeople to reach these diverse audiences. Fusion built a mobile-first solution on iPad to deliver consistent, customer-relevant messaging. The portfolio has never looked better.


Beverage Optimizer - Retail

Managing deliveries for millions of customers is already a challenge, but Pepsi wanted to do more. They asked Fusion to help design a mobile app experience that would enable their sales force to easily create custom product mixes based on customers’ demographics and past history, without cumbersome spreadsheets or manual analytics. The result? A lot more sales.


Brand Stewardship - Experiential

An industry trade show, a company rebrand or a new product line launch could all be big tasks on their own. All three at once? Now that’s when things get interesting. IFF selected Fusion as their design partner to successfully debut their new products, a new corporate look and updated customer messaging at the World Perfumery Conference.


Digital Transformation - Web

Believe it or not, horse racing is a complex business. From the start, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners wanted to provide the best experience for their partners. Fusion helped them do just that, and in the process, digitally transformed the way they do business - putting them years ahead of their competition.