Fusion’s solutions for interactive, mobile content provide new, more engaging ways to sell, train, communicate and inspire.

A Stronger Way to Sell

Transform your go-to-market strategy with interactive, mobile sales tools that convert leads to devoted customers.

Chances are you’ve got a library of sales material. Crafting that information into unique, customized selling solutions, is the difficult part. Empower sales people to be their best, strengthen old relationships and sign new customers with interactive, custom presentations right at their fingertips.

• Customer Communication
• Interactive Sales Pitches
• Video, Interactivity & 3D Content
• Trade Show, In-Store Retail, On-Location Applications

A Smarter Way to Train

Provide immersive learning experiences with dynamic training content, safety manuals, and certification materials. 

Never out of date, easy to update, always ready. Guides, manuals and training material employees will actually want to use. Redesigning this content for mobile makes it more relevant, in context and always at-hand. Employee engagement means a better informed, more capable, more motivated team. In other words, a higher return on your training investment.

• Process Guides, User Guides 
• Safety Manuals, Product Manuals
• Training Reference Material

A Better Way to Inspire

Magically interactive, beautifully designed content brings your message to life. Reinvent your existing content to drive results.

Less paper. More Engagement. Reinvented versions of conventional business documents are more interactive, always available and up-to-date. Annual reports, Board of Directors briefings, sustainability reports and marketing summaries are just a few examples of documents that can be transformed with audio, video and existing material you already have in decks, spreadsheets and image archives.

• Annual Reports 
• Board of Directors Briefs
• Business Documents
• Product Information

The Benefits

Always Current

Save time and money by getting the latest content to your teams in real time. Last-minute changes, compliance updates or revisions? Digital distribution minimizes the stress (and cost) of keeping your material current and your customers engaged.

Mobile First

Beautifully designed, interactive presentations belong in the hands of your salespeople, employees and customers; not locked up in binders or tied to the desktop. Mobility is the key to unlocking so much more - drive the conversation.

Showcase Your Brand

Your products and services reflect your brand and vision. Authentic, immersive digital interactions set you apart from your competition, show real innovation and allow you to communicate, compel and close the deal faster than ever before.

Work Everywhere

With or without an Internet connection, your digital material is ready to work. On a tablet, phone or laptop, your teams have the power to sell, teach and provide service no matter when or where they are - or where your business is headed. 

The Fusion

Plenty of Options

We understand there are a lot of choices when it comes to creating and publishing your digital content. Fusion will help you determine the best platforms for your needs, and develop a comprehensive program to accommodate your content, fulfill your technical requirements and scale with your organization. Regardless of the platform, content is always king. Fusion’s design and content teams will work with your internal departments, external agencies, or both to develop solutions that are beautiful, engaging and on-brand.

Enterprise UX

Put Your Users First

Put the user first; return time to their day, simplify complexity, clarify business processes, provide valuable insights.

In other words, enable them to drive the business.

Today, too many enterprise tools get in the way of doing business. Your employees and partners (your users) are more sophisticated than ever before; they use apps and platforms in their daily lives and understand what a frictionless, well-designed solution looks and feels like.

To drive success, and maximize return on your I/T dollar, designers and developers must understand the business and the ever-evolving  day-to-day challenges at hand.

How Fusion Fits

Always on-brand, we translate design into measurable value for our clients. We are equally comfortable working with internal or external coding and engineering ​
resources. We can provide the design support needed for training, and execution as well as executive and internal alignment.

Fusion brings value by delivering creative user experience and user interface solutions that get results.

We accomplish this by bringing our industry knowledge, creative resources and commitment to understanding our customer’s business to every project.

Experience Matters

Fusion understands the essentials of creating engaging user experiences to help Fortune 500 brands meet their digital and mobility challenges.
While translating brand identity, communication strategy and business processes into this space isn’t easy, Fusion has the agility, talent and experience needed to create powerful solutions for the brands we serve.
We welcome the opportunity to support you in delivering efficient, effective and beautiful mobility tools.

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