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Great Design Drives Business.

Expect more from your digital agency.

Fusion is a Strategic Design Partner.

We believe in design strategy without compromise; delivering transformations that create value, bring results, and influence behavior. We provide branding, design and development services across the spectrum for digital, traditional and experiential content.

We believe that great design drives business, improves lives and makes a difference.

Your Message and Brand, consistent across all experiences.

Customers, employees, and your competition understand that quality, authenticity and trust are conveyed by a consistent representation of your brand, regardless of how it’s being interacted with.

That’s why we take brand stewardship so seriously; whether you’re at a trade show, launching a fresh social campaign or rolling out a new app or product, consistency across all media and device form factors reinforces your brand’s promise.

Play by the rules (but know when to bend them). 

Sometimes your business, department or brand must work within pre-defined design guidelines – we understand, this is not always easy to do. For example, what if your agency of record hasn’t provided a template for a social ad, app interface, slide presentation, vehicle wrap or billboard?

Fusion has years of experience working with other agencies and internal design groups. We can seamlessly integrate with your current agency, or become an extended part of your team to ensure your project is executed correctly and on-brand, saving you time and money in the process. 

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Mobile is key - let’s get moving.

Well-designed experiences are a must today, but integrated experiences that work on-the-go for smartphones and tablets will define the future.

From real-time content to augmented reality (and everything in between) the way to differentiate your business is to meet your customers where they are; whether they're in the office, in the field or anywhere they need you to be right now.

Your employees and partners are mobile, too. Providing training, reference material and job tools will help them with the work / life integration they are looking for. Having the information they need, when they need it, builds the stronger, more empowered workforce your business is looking for. 

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We are honored to work with some of the best brands in the world.

Our commitment to exceptional service has earned the repeat business of our customers; we succeed only when they do.
We’re proud of our work and we value the incredible relationships we’ve built over the past twenty-plus years.

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“It’s rare to find a design partner whose approach to strategy and execution is as strong as their creative vision. I am constantly impressed by Fusion’s commitment to delivering above and beyond; they are a welcome extension of my team.”


“Positioning a brand so it resonates with consumers takes real skill. Fusion covers it end-to-end, from the underlying strategy through design and execution. They understand what works and it’s made a big difference for our startup.”


“Fusion is helping us realize our digital transformation vision, and it's strengthening our competitive advantage. The team takes the time, asks questions and applies critical thinking to our projects, bringing new possibilities to light. We are excited to see what’s next.”


We’re here to help.

Do you know how your customers are interacting with your brand? How they’re using your site? Are your employees achieving their best with the tools you’ve provided? How about your sales force? Are there things you could be doing to increase your conversion rates? Are you really seeing a return on your digital communications and social marketing?

Companies that make an investment in strategic design are in a much better position to answer these questions and succeed in the marketplace. We’re here to help.

Great Design is at the heart of all that we do; from our strategy, to our approach and our service promise. In today’s sea of constant change, well-designed solutions drive business forward and deliver results. Let’s design something great together. 

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SVG SwirlFusion Media, Inc. | © 2021

2050 Route 22 | Suite 105
Brewster, NY 10509
P 914-357-8821  |  F 845-279-4749